17. Kanji girls

We both wanted to be finished with the Blue House, but we didn’t say it.

16. Emi our godmother

The Blue house no longer felt like a secure place for me also because of the continuous presence of Daisuke and the finding of the bra under my pillow.

15. New birth

Ground floor, left of the reception, a daily hospital room.

14. Daisuke my love

It was not just a temporary flat, but a delicious backup furnished with personal objects. There also was an LC2 chair, European taste, I didn’t comment.

13. Christmas again

Eight weeks passed by and Ama organized her trip back for Christmas on December 23, 9.19 am, Tokyo Narita, Terminal 1.

12. Jealousy

I decided on Modern Dance, Photography and English Writing.

11. I love marjoram

Emi prolonged our booking, we decided to find permanent accomodation. I would try to attend the Art School, Ama would try to be Hisao’s fianceé.

10. Imagine

We found a piece of paper in our room
“Dinner at 8 pm. H.”

9. Lightning strike

Emi woke me up very early for a tea together.

8. Japanese Art School

It could have been anything, but I was in good company and it became a special day.

7. Twins

We are kind of the same, having grown in two separate sacs we’re not identical, but we do have many somatic features in common.