6. Woodpecker House

In the end we retired very early to our room.

Chapter 6

In the end we retired very early to our room. I did not want to have Luz among drunk teens and the next morning I had to find a home to rent.

I would have liked to share a house in the mountains. A room for us in a nice “woodpecker house”, the living room and kitchen shared with all other guests. So I knew what to look for.

Despite the chatter of the guys downstairs we could fall asleep. That night I dreamed and I suppose Luz dreamed with me as well.

The Emperor Akihito personally bestowed upon us a medal of valor. It was the Sakura season, the blossoming of the cherry trees, the Emperor with his wife dressed in white appeared on a stage behind some white parapets, the master of ceremonies called the recipients one by one. We waited among the guests, listening very carefully, I feared that we would not understand our names because of the Japanese accent. Suddenly in a perfect British English we heard

“Luz do Amor Do Lusiadas, Portuguese water dog, accompanied by her owner Maha, performed rescue intervention in the Kyoto Prefecture. Due to her matchless services she deserves a medal of valor.”

 We walked down the white carpet, I let her free to advance at her own pace. The Emperor came forward and said 

“Anata wa yükan’na inudesu!” “You are a valiant dog!” 

and his wife said 

“Anata o hokory ni omou.” “We’re proud of you.” 

and with our wings we both flew into the sky.

Yoko Ono by Andrea Lenny

I woke up very early, well rested, backpack ready, we went down to the PC desk to rent our new home.

Good Heavens what a beautiful house, not faraway from Nagano. Do you remember the Olympic Games? Close to here.

I waited online for a  reply and in a few minutes our immediate destination was set.

We went by the reception to say hello, we had paid in advance, but the girl very excitedly began saying “Yoso, yoso!” “Wait, wait!” and she gave me an envelope, inside there was the exact amount we had paid for the three nights.

“Kansha, Arigatou.”, and I gave the envelope to the girl who was cleaning the floor.

We would arrive in four hours, maybe one more to find the address.

We arrived before we had expected. Zounds, what a beautiful place, with a terrace and a very big double height living room. We had a room for two, meaning space for two futons but with a wonderful view on the forest through a glass door, and a little bathroom just for us.

From our room we had direct access to the forest, so convenient for Luz to pee. Early morning, at the break of dawn, we could go on our secret walk.

The lady who managed the house knocked at our door asking whether we would like to join her for dinner

“Please without spices!” I’ve had enough!, no meat or fish, neither cheese nor eggs, only cereals and vegetables.

She kindly answered she would  make a crêpe with water, flour and some greens.

We laid down in front of our private forest  and we had our first conversation with pines and birches, so beautiful, peaceful, Japanese, all that I ever wanted.

Get to know the guests

Visit the house

Message to Ama

Message to you know who

Explore nearby like cats

We had rented for 7 nights. I soon informed myself about the possibility of staying longer. There was another room with four futons and a private bathroom available for an additional 7 nights.

I went to the PC desk and sent a priority message to Ama

“We are near Nagano, beautiful location and villa, come, I’ll get you at Tokyo airport, please answer soon!”

I was impatient.

After one hour I got the answer

“Next Wednesday, 9.19 am Tokyo Narita, Terminal 1.”

Yeah I knew this place and I knew my sister.

It suddenly occured to me that five days ago Luz and I had landed in this wacky country.

Four days left before Ama’s arrival.