3. I loved him

I sat at the wheel.

Chapter 3

I sat at the wheel.

Maybe it’s because of the narrow space, in the cabin people are always closer together,  macro vision, more fantastic when they travel with you.

Anyhow those long fingers, I already saw them in all those pictures I had collected. I could sense it on my skin, him pinching someone’s hip or grasping the handle of a hot cup of tea. I was jealous. Absolutely. I had to force myself, not to feel unequal or under pressure. 

Finally we left the agglomeration and rushed towards the Alps, now surrounded by green.

I waited on my left side for the view of Mount Ontake, with its stunning smoking chimney. Nature is talented, I never thought I was. Not sexy enough either, just saying!

Instead he was, “Zounds”, am I the only one who has goosebumps here?

I was getting hot, but wasn’t nervous. It was like being at the dinner table, with all the cutlery properly laid out, the only thing missing was the food.

Giulia Salvi by Andrea Lenny

I noticed in time a little parking area, I approached and laid myself down on the seat collapsing in a silent state of pleasure.

Luz did not move a millimeter, she was used to my solitary sessions.

He took my hand and he passed it across his lips licking


I took a bottle of mineral water and rinsed my hands outside the window.

“So sorry, I did not wash my hands before.”

”Please feel at  ease, you have the same effect on me, I’m turned on too. Do you want to see me?”

He opened the zipper, he was wet.

We laughed, in some way we were equal.

We ascended towards the mountains passing little tourist centers and ski resorts without snow, it was June. I didn’t get to see  Mount Ontake which was located too far West of our road.

We stopped to buy food that we ended up cooking the same evening. I suspected that he knew aphrodisiac spices of the country so well, shichimi, ginger, maca, coriander, which he added generously to the rice and vegetables.

That little chalet at the edge of a pine forest was a mix between a dwelling for a solitary melancholic man and a bachelor flat, which is almost the same thing.

The guest room was about the size of a closet. I tried to sleep on the sofa and I got up at night for a herbal tea.

He was also having one, leaning his hips on the window sill.

“I love the quiet hours.”

We decided to play a game of checkers, the winner would get to choose what to do.

He said “You first!”

I chose white and pushed my piece forward, he responded with his black one. At once we started to push and interweave our fingers and tongues, nobody won the game. We abandoned ourselves  in each other’s arms, entwining our skin on the sofa.

I had to fill the Jeep with dry food, drinking water and blankets to keep Luz and I warm. I also bought comfortable black rubber boots.

He was experienced in boots and also in protein bars and helped me a lot skimming my shoulders and hips as if I were his.