14. Daisuke my love

It was not just a temporary flat, but a delicious backup furnished with personal objects. There also was an LC2 chair, European taste, I didn’t comment.

Photo by Adria Nabekle

It was not just a temporary flat, but a delicious backup furnished with personal objects. There also was an LC2 chair, European taste, I didn’t comment.

Ama and Hisao went out, he wanted to show her the Ootaguro Park, a lush green lung in the middle of this overpopulated ward.

“Luggage for you”, we realized we were alone in an enclosed space for the second time.

The fridge was already cleaned, just a suit to be put in the suitcase.

“Check the drawers!” Mmmhh! I knew this way to flirt. “Please check in those at the entrance!”

For a few days I had in my pocket a mother-of-pearl full moon. When I saw it I thought of the pendant he made me for Christmas and I bought it. In the right drawer there was a transparent sachet which contained a golden sun. I silently put the moon in the left one. “On the left? It’s not opening!”

He came behind me brushing my hips and opened it, he was caught for words for a couple of seconds, he threaded the moon on the leather band he wore around his neck and did the same with the sun for me.

“If you only wished!”

Everything was ready, more then that we were ready.

“Do you want to go for a stroll?” 

“Not for Luz and me neither!”

“Can I kiss you?”

I did not answer. He kissed me between cheek and mouth, “and now for real!”

He leaned his lips on mine and instead of popping he made a slight pressure and began to play like a jelly fish. We opened our eyes and looking at me with the darkest eyes I’ve ever seen, he pushed his tongue into my mouth. He had a good flavour of dry bitter-sweet apricots that I adored, moist just the right amount, not too much saliva, not too dry. We continued for some minutes licking our palates and finally he whispered “If I had known I had suspended you for three weeks instead of three days!”

Wonder Woman by Andrea Lenny

Hisao and Ama were back “Already?” “One hour.”

She noticed the traces on my lips and smiled in happiness.

Hisao sat at the wheel, they wanted me and Daisuke sitting together behind, for what? Luz sat in between us and looking at him directly in his eyes she growled very quietly as if he was the only one who could hear it.

In our language Ama asked me “Are you giving him a chance?” 

“For what? Uncle?”

She laughed “As a lover!”

“If I could be happy with someone who has twenty others, I would have  happily gotten engaged with someone else before.”

Hisao curiously asked “Please speak in a language that we can all understand!”

Ama answered “Anata ga rikai shite iru koto?” “That we can all understand?”

The two men laughed, they adored our way of being independent.

I asked to stop for Luz to pee and so that they could sit in front and chat in their language.

With the Japanese sound of their jokes, the three sisters fell asleep.

At home Daisuke asked me if we could meet.

“Tuesday and Wednesday evening I’m at home.”

I was organizing my life outside the familial group from Thursday till Tuesday in order to leave the two alone regularly during the weekend.

This Tuesday we had dinner like four lovers, he asked if he could kiss me freely and said that he would remain for the night.

It was late, Ama understood my discomfort and suddenly came into my room, we talked a bit about renouncing beautiful sensations. I said that I felt like I was sinking in a well.

“He’s waiting for you!”

“I’m waiting for someone who loves only me!”

I went into the kitchenette, I wanted something to drink, he was also there.

Ama left my room tiptoeing so that we could spend the rest of the night together. I did not like the way Ama and Hisao were pushing me into his arms.

I felt like I was flying on a trapeze without a net and I began to cry.

This was the biggest difference between my sister and me, she let herself be loved laughing, I get sad and cried.

We decided to meet the following Tuesday.

I came back from the agency having worked hard with Luz this afternoon, I wanted to dress to make myself irresistible.

I saw Ama with puffy eyes, “Hisao?” She took my hands and I already understood it was about Daisuke.

The previous summer he frequented a girl, probably the one I had seen on his stairs, she was now pregnant. She did not know who was the father, could be Daisuke or her boyfriend, it was too late to abort, she wanted to give up the child for adoption and at the moment she needed a secure place to await the birth.

Ama was crying so much, she did it in my place. I was icy and had a very pragmatic reaction. If Daisuke could be the father, he should help her.

I was wishing that he was, so that he could raise the baby without having to fill in any adoption forms. A newborn is fundamental, brings fresh air, new energy and could have been a wonderful metamorphosis in the familial group. For sure everybody would help him and he would not have any difficulties in finding a nice babysitter.

I got up, took some steps and collapsed on the ground, I felt like I was being cut in two pieces and had suddenly lost my voice.

In that moment Hisao came in and tried to lift me and bring me somewhere soft. My body was petrified, I could not move or bend.

Luckily Hisao had a friend who was a doctor at Nagano Hospital, he was at our home in 30 minutes. After a first neurological visit, he asked to remain alone with me. Luz was now laying trembling on the futon.

The doctor took my hands and said that in his opinion it was nothing physical but in any case he would prefer to have me in the hospital for a few days. I felt helpless and agreed.

I began to cry, it was restorative, my body could stretch and my voice came out of my lungs again.